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XGB SERIES Base unit Standard XBC-DN40SU

Code:  4723008600

AC110/240V power supply,
24 DC24 input,
16 Transistor (Sink) output,
2 option slot,
Processing speed: 94ns/Step,
Program capacity: 15Kstep / 200KB,
Max. I/O points,
(Main + Expansion 7 stages) 254 points,
RS-232C / RS-485(2 ch), Pulse catch
USB Programming Port,
Input filter, External interrupt,
PID control, High-speed counter, Positioning

Tariff Number (TARIC): 85371091
Country of origin (COO): KR

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XGB series is the micro PLC that offers maximum automation at minimum cost. With its high performance and functionality, it can support from simple control to complex task. XGB offers convenient user interface with various network diagnosis & monitoring functions and back-up function.

1 Integrated programming environment
- Enhanced user interface with XG5000/XG-PD
- Various monitoring functions.
- Network diagnosis and monitoring

2 Optimum communication environment
- Powerful communications: Built-in RS-232C / 485, 2 Expansions for communication
- Network configuration via Ethernet and Cnet I/F

Available in 3 versions:
• XBM micro PLC slim with LADDER programming, Instruction List and 256 I/O points
• XBC mini PLC with LADDER programming, Instruction List and 284 I/O points
• XEC mini plc with LADDER programming, Instruction List, SFC, ST, IEC-1131 and 38 I/O points

Key benefits:
• Compact
• Cost-effective
• LADDER and IEC-1131 programmable
• From 38 to 284 I/O points
• From 94 ns/step to 240 ns/step
• From 4 to 200 Ksteps



LSIS XGB Series PLC, XBC Standard SU-Type Unit, 110/240VAC Power supply, 24 24VDC Inputs, 16 Transistors, 2 Option slots, Expandable (Max. 264 pts) I/O, Expansion power provision 1710mA

• Flexible Connectivity with Controllable I/O up to 352 points with Expansion Modules
• Expandability: 7 Modules
• 1 Programming Port (USB Mini-B)
• 3 Peripheral Ports (Ethernet, RS232, & RS485)
• Powerful Performance, Fast Instruction Times (0.06µs/step)
• Maximized Productivity with High-Speed Backplane Interface
• Embedded MRAM Battery for Permanent Storage of Data and Programs
• Built-in Functions: RS-232C/485, High-Speed Counter, PID Control, Pulse Catch, Input Filter, External Interrupt, Positioning
• Agency Approvals: UL / cUL / CE

Manufacturer part number is XBC-DN40SU.
Supply Voltage 100-240 V AC
Program Capacity 15k steps
Relay Output Rating 2A Resistive
Max. I/O Points 384
Analogue Input Resolution 14 bit
Analogue Output Resolution 14 bit
PID Control yes
High Speed Inputs yes
Positioning yes
Size 135 x 64 x 90 mm