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XBL-EMTA XGB Communication Expansion Module Ethernet Interface (10/100Mbps) I/F Module

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XGB Communication Expansion Module,
Ethernet Interface (10/100Mbps), 1-ch,
To use with: SU, M, and U Type PLCs.
Power requirement 300mA

Tariff Number (TARIC): 85371091
Country of origin (COO): KR

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XBL-EMTA   XGB Communication Expansion Module  Ethernet Interface (10/100Mbps)  I/F Module

XBC H Type V2.02 or above
XBC S Type V1.1 or above
XBC SU Type V1.0 or above
XEC H Type V1.1 or above
XGB Module Type(XBM) V1.8 or above XG5000 V3.1 or above