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SUSOL MCCB TS250N 200A ATU 3 Pole, 50kA

Code:  0105022900

Molded Case Circuit Breaker
FMU Adjustable-thermal, fixed-magnetic
Rated Operational Voltage 690V AC 50/60Hz
Rated ultimate short-circuit
Breaking capacity at 415VAC 50kA

Tariff Number (TARIC): 85353010
Country of origin (COO): KR

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Susol MCCB series is Super Solution with Super performance, Super breaking capacity, Super optimum coordination, good life span and extensive applications.

Key benefits:

• Simplified installation, High Breaking Capacity, Optimized Protection
• Simplified 4 frame size (160/250/630/800AF from 16 to 800A)
• High breaking capacity Icu @ 415VAC: 50, 65, 85, 100, 150kA (Ics=100%Icu)
• Uimp = 8kV, Ui =750V, Ue = 690V
• Built in trip unit for TD series: FTU, FMU
• interchangeable trip units for TS series: FTU, FMU, ATU, MTU, ETS, ETM
• Disconnecting switch unit (DSU) is also available
• Communication: RS485(Modbus-RTU)
• Zone selective interlocking (ZSI)
• Ammeter function
• Earth fault protection
• Various connection & Plug-in mounting
• Providing a large offer of coordination tables
(Cascading, Discrimination, Type II coordination)
• Common use of electrical auxiliries like as AX, AL, SHT, UVT


ratings 1
Frame size 250 AF
Amp rating 200 A
No. of poles 3
Rated Current 16 - 800A
Breaking capacity 37 – 150kA
Applied standard IEC 60947-2, UL489
Size 105 x 160 x 86 mm
Files available for download:
 - TS100,TS160,TS250_Manual.pdf
 - Susol MCCB_Catalog.pdf