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Frequency converter-Variable frequency Drive LS Electric S100 3 Phase 75kW/90kW 400V, LSLV0750S100-4CONDS

Code:  6031001700

Dual rating:
75kW/152A Heavy Duty-150% Overload/1 min;
90kW/169A Normal Duty-120% Overload/1 min;
3 Phase Input,3 Phase Output,
380-480 Volts
control modes: U/f, sensorless vector IM , PM motor control
Output frequency:
0.1 - 400 Hz - U/f
0-120 Hz - IM Sensorless
Built-in Safe Torque Off(STO) (EN60204-1, stop category 0)
LCD Keypad

Frequency inverter satisfies EMC class 3
PNP / NPN logic
standard IO - control terminal I/O 5mm pitch
Dual motor parameters
PID controller
RS 485 interface-LS Bus / Modbus RTU
Drive View Software

Tariff Number (TARIC): 85044088
Country of origin (COO): KR

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Key Benefits
• Powerful and compact sensorless vector control
• Side-by-side installation
• Compact size
• Built-in EMC Filter
• Built-in DC reactor (above 22kW)
• Global standards compliance
• Dual rating operation
• Built-in Safe Torque Off (STO)
• Profibus-DP, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, CANopen
• Conduit kit

Powerful sensorless control with a wide range of user friendly functions. Meet the new standard drive LV-S100 by LSIS. Designed with both the installer and user in mind, S100 is simple to install and easy to operate. A 7-segment LED programmer is included, as are built-in RF filters for ensuring compliance with European EMC regulations.

LS Industrial Systems S100 delivers superior performance with sensorless control, a starting torque in excess of 200% at 0.5Hz can be achieved at startup and in the low-speed regions. S100 comes complete with integrated EMC filter, DC reactor, Safe Torque Off inputs and
class-leading energy saving algorithms as standard. S100 is available in IP20 for panel/enclosure mounting but conduit/cable box and through-hole mounting options are also available. For applications where a panel is inappropriate, S100 can also be supplied in IP66 format complete with fascia mounted isolator switch.

Manufacturer part number is LSLV0750S100-4CONDS.
Power normal duty: 90.0 kW; heavy duty: 75.0 kW
Voltage Input 3 phase 380 - 480V ac(-15% to +10%) 50 - 60 Hz(±5%)
Voltage Output 3 phase 380 - 480V
Rated Output Current 169 A normal duty / 152 A heavy duty
Heavy Duty 150% / 1 minute
Output Frequency 0 – 400 Hz
Filter none
Operating temparature -10 °C to +50 °
Size 325 x 550 x 309 mm [WxHxD]
Weight 43 kg
Protection class IP20