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591P-Series, Two Quadrant Non-Regenerative DC Drive 165 A – 3 phase 220-500 V, 591P-53316520-P00-U4V0

Code:  591P-53316520-P00-U4V0

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Product details

591P-Series, Two Quadrant Non-Regenerative DC Drive
220-500VAC 3-Phase Input
165A Output Current Rating - Frame Size '2'
Universal 115/230VAC 1-Phase Auxiliary Supply Option Fitted
Panel Mounted
No Special Option
English (50/60Hz) Destination
6901 Keypad Option Fitted
Armature Voltage Speed Feedback Option

No Communications Option

Tariff Number (TARIC): 85044083
Country of origin (COO): CN

Key Benefits:

• Extremely simple set-up and programming
• Removable Key Pad
• Extremely Compact
• Motor Thermistor Input
• Next generation tehnology
• Advanced 32-bit control arhitecture
• Internal controlled field supply Function blocks programming, including open and closed-loop
winder control as standard

The DC590+ Integrator Series DC drive is the latest development of the range. It benefits from 30 years experience of designing and manufacturing drives for process line control with dedicated function blocks which simplify the implementation of applications such as sectional drive reels, winder control etc. The function block capabilities offer unparralleled flexibility in both new installations and retrofit applications. A number of common fieldbus communications options enable connectivity to a wide range of popular control networks allowing the DC590+ to be integrated in larger control systems.

Other features:

• Programmable key pad 6901
• Technology box for communication (ProfibusDP, Devicenet, CanOpen, LINK, LonWorks, EI Bisynch/RS422/RS485, Modbus RTU
• Speed feedback technology box (analog tachometer, encoder microtach for acrylic fiberoptic, microtach for glass fiberoptic)
• EMC Filter- Industrial Ambience
• Line Reactors for European and North American markets
• Output Inductors for long motor leads.

Manufacturer part number is 591P-53316520-P00-U4V0.
Power configuration 2 quadrant; 1 fully controlled 3 phase thyristor bridge
Voltage Input 3 phase 220 – 500 V AC(-10% to +10%) 50 - 60 Hz(±5%)
Voltage Output 3 phase 220 – 500 V
Rated Output Current 165 A
Field current max 10 A
Overload capacity - 150% / 30 sec.; - 200% / 10 sec.
Filter Build-in EMC Filter
Operating temparature 0 °C to +45 °C
Size 200 x 434 x 292 [mm]
Weight 10.5 kg
Protection class IP20