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      The company was founded under the name Lucky Packing Co. in 1974 and later renamed as Goldstar Industrial Systems in 1987. The company grow rapidly and had a lot of success. In 1991, it began to expand abroad as part of its production moved to Thailand. The turning point was 1993, when exports exceeded US $ 100 million. The company was acquired by LG and renamed LG Industrial Systems in 1995. This was followed by the rapid growth and opening of branches abroad, until 2005, when it was renamed LS Industrial Systems. LS as the abbreviation for Leading Solution (Leading Solution Provider). Further growth followed with a focus on development and the opening of new development centers. As a result, the company received a lot of performance awards, such as being ranked among the 500 fastest growing global companies in the year 2008 and among the top 100 global innovators in the year 2014. The company was again renamed in 2020 in “LS ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.”

We are official distributor for “LS ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.” products such as:

- Frequency inverters
- Servo drives and motors
- Planetary gearboxes
- Low voltage switchgear
- Programable logic Controllers (PLC) and Motion Controllers
- Human Machine Interfaces - Displays (HMIs)

      We are cooperating with “LS ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.” for more than 10 years and we sold thousands of their products. We can honestly say that the price/quality is one of the best on the market and the defect rate is even lower than 1%. Their big variety of products can cover almost every application in the modern automation industry, they also offer very good stock of products and short inquiry/delivery times.

      Please visit our internet store goto-automation.com to choose among a lot of different industrial automation products. We always have very good stock of products with competitive prices and quantity discounts. We also offer guidance to choose the right product and also support for all your questions through email or inquiry.