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New frequency inverters series L100 for Lift applications

New frequency inverters series L100 offer best performance and size-optimized solutions for lift-elevator applications. They are optimized for lifting load operation and offers essential functions and options for elevator systems. Powers from 5,5 kW up to 22 kW - 400V.
Frequency inverter LIFT L100

Key benefits:

- High performance vector control
- Available for various load conditions (control of both IM and PM)
- Smooth and precise control by optimized control algorithm (voltage/speed/flux control)
- Fast installation by optimized autotuning (PM/IM standstill auto-tune, IM rotational auto-tune) and easy control gain tuning
- Essential functions for elevator systems

• Creepless
• Load Cell-less & anti-rollback
• Battery operation function for emergency (power failure)
• Auto light load search
• Optimized multi step speed control for short floor operation pattern
• Elevator I/O support
• Anti-hunting regulator

Built-in safety function and powerful anti-noise
- Built-in anti-noise EMC filter

• 1st environment/category C2 (Class B) CE certificate

Various features:

- Status LED for operation monitoring
- Easy keypad connection through front slide door
- Built-in dynamic brake circuit
- Removable terminal for easy maintenance
- DriveView9 support
- Built-in communication: CAN2.0B, RS-232C
- DC Reactor connector
- Easy cooling fan replacement


- Incremental Encoder
- EnDat Encoder
- SIN/COS Encoder
- Elevator I/O (ELIO)

L100 Series type designation:

L100 Freqeuncy inverter type


L100 frequency inverter specifications

L100 Frequency inverter dimensions   LIFT