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LS Electric Frequency Inverters

LS Electric offers frequency inverters for a very wide range of applications in industry. From general purpose with high options & models for variety of application in industry, to frequency inverters designed especially for HVAC (Pumps and Fans) and LIFT (Elevators and Cranes) applications.


M100 1-phase input 230 VAC with EMC C2 Filter and powers up to 2,2 kW.

slika 1 LSLV0004M1000 1EOFNS

G100 new and best price/performance frequency inverter with EMC C3 filter, build-in potentiometer and powers up to 22 kW.

LSLV0004G100 4EOFN

S100 compact and for very wide range of applications. With IP20 protection up to 75/90 kW and also possible in IP66 protection up to 22 kW.


iG5A legendary frequency inverter known specially for easy set-up and as very reliable.

slika 1 SV004iG5A 4

iS7 is a series of three-phase frequency inverter with power range from 0.75 kW to 375 kW. It is a very powerful series that allows v/f, open-loop and closed-loop vector operation and also lots of additional options and communications.

SV0015iS7 4NOFD

iE5 1-phase 230 V AC micro inverter with 200W and 400W versions and build in potentiometer.

slika 1 SV002IE5 1C

Pumps and fans

H100 series frequency inverters are intended for use in HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Condition) applications. With their many protective and user-friendly features, they provide stable, energy-efficient operation in 24/7 mode and enable us to save energy.

LSLV0185H100 4COFN

*S100 and G100 series are also sutiable for HVAC application.

Elevators and cranes

iV5 series are three-phase frequency inverters with power range from 2.2kW to 800kW. It is primarily intended for use in lifts, cranes and conveyor belts. iV5 frequency inverters are designed for lifts, the MRL (Machine Room less) sub-series, designed for elevators without engine room, and DC, which provides 400V DC power supply (designed to deal with lifts in the event of a power failure).

iV5 3

iV5L series are vector frequency inverters designed for use in lifts and cranes with best price/performance option. For electric motors with power range from 5.5 kW to 22 kW.

iv5l  2 196x300

L100 new and last from LS Electric frequency converters series. L100 offer best size-optimized solutions for lift-elevator applications. They are optimized for lifting load operation and offers essential functions and options for elevator systems. With powers from 5,5 kW up to 22 kW.

Frequency Inverter L100 LIFT 18,5 22 kW